• Bessey Clamp WSM9-134

    Bessey Clamp WSM9

    £99.00 Ex. VAT
    Bessey Angle Welders Clamp WSM9
  • Sealey AK39602-132

    Sealey AK39602

    £99.95 Ex. VAT
    • Drop-forged frame with patented folding mechanism for compact storage. • Comfortable cushion grips. Suitable for installing threaded centre rivets for securing threads in thin sheet material. • Heavy-duty head suitable for threaded rivets up to M10 capacity.
  • Sealey TRMK-133

    Sealey TRMK

    £99.45 Ex. VAT
    Thread Repair Master Kit • Suitable for five common sizes of thread. • Creates a stronger internal thread in soft metals. • Ideal for repairing damaged or stripped internal threads. • Protects tapped threads against wear and damage. • Includes drill bits, thread taps, insert installation and lug breaking tools. • Supplied in metal storage case. Detailed Information Instructions Model No: TRMK